Black Hills Energy Donates to Carbon Capture Testing Facility

Black Hills Energy Donates to Carbon Capture Testing Facility

Black Hills Energy has donated a transformer to the Wyoming Infrastructure Authority for use at the Integrated Test Center.                                                                          

Cheyenne, Wyoming – The Wyoming Infrastructure Authority (WIA) announced today the donation of a GE Viking Power Transformer from Black Hills Energy to WIA. The transformer is valued at $500,000 and will be used at the Wyoming Integrated Test Center (ITC) in Gillette. WIA is the managing entity for the ITC.


 “Black Hills Energy strives to be an active participant in the communities we serve and to foster technological improvement for the benefit of our customers. We are excited to see the carbon capture technologies that are developed at the Integrated Test Center and are proud to be a part of the project,” said Mark Stege, a VP at Black Hills Energy, who currently serves on the Wyoming Infrastructure Authority’s Board of Directors.  


The ITC is a research facility at a coal fired power plant that allows for the testing of carbon capture technologies. At the ITC, researchers have direct access to flue gas from the power plant.


“The research that occurs at the ITC will produce technologies that one day will be implemented by the private sector,” said Jason Begger, Executive Director of the Wyoming Infrastructure Authority. “This valuable donation from Black Hills Energy provides a necessary resource as well as creates a strong connection between this state-of-the-art research facility and the local community.”


The transformer will provide electricity for the operations and research occurring at the ITC. It will be installed this fall.




About the Integrated Test Center

The ITC is a public-private partnership designed to foster the next generation of energy technology. The ITC will provide space for researchers to test Carbon Capture, Utilization and Sequestration (CCUS) technologies using actual coal based flue gas from the Dry Fork Station near Gillette. The ITC will host the finalists from the NRG COSIA Carbon XPRIZE. Learn more about the Integrated Test Center at


About the Wyoming Infrastructure Authority

The Wyoming Infrastructure Authority (WIA), is an instrumentality of the State of Wyoming whose purpose is to advance Wyoming’s Energy Strategy by promoting the value of Wyoming’s energy resources, supporting expanded infrastructure, enhancing resource development and operation, and ensuring a credible and objective voice for Wyoming. $1 billion in bonding authority was given to the WIA for the financing of infrastructure relative to facilities within its legislative purview. The authority was created by the State Legislature in 2004 and is governed by a five-member Board of Directors appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the Wyoming State Senate