March 2018 WIA Board Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes

March 9, 2018


7:00 a.m.

  • Roll-call, Establish Quorum
    • Board Members: Mark Stege, Ken Miller, Dave Sparks, Don Collins, Mike Easley
    • WIA Staff: Jason Begger, Sarah Young, Felicia Delara
  • Approve Agenda
    • Don moves
    • Ken seconds
    • Agenda Approved
  • Approve Minutes from February 2018 Board Meeting
    • Ken moves
    • Dave seconds
    • Minutes Approved
  • Financial Report – Don Collins
    • $4.2 million in bank
    • Director & Officers insurance has increased as ITC has come online
      1. Once construction review from ITC construction is complete, insurance should drop down to where we were historically
    • Financial Report Approved
  • Old Business
    • ITC– Jason
      1. JCOAL
        1. Tomorrow, group heads to Japan to discuss ITC tenant
      2. XPRIZE timeline
        1. April 9 announcement at Bloomberg event in NYC
        2. Third week of May in Team Summit in Banff, Canada
          1. Able to tie with Ribbon Cutting event at ITC and have teams in attendance
          2. Ribbon Cutting ceremony will be Wednesday, May 16th
          3. Thursday and Friday will be XPRIZE orientation to ITC
        3. Teams will have access this summer, but they will vary in when they officially arrive and how long they are onsite
          1. They will need to finish Q1 2020
      3. NCCC partnership
        1. Discussion on ITC becoming a member of NCCC, same deal as private sector, for 2 years
        2. 50K over two years
        3. Technical people to participate and review technologies, TAC group was very supportive
        4. Draft contract hasn’t been reviewed by Masterson, but is this something the Board is supportive of?
          1. Mark wants motion to approve pending Masterson’s legal approval
            • Dave moves
            • Ken seconds
            • Approved
      4. GLOBE Forum
        1. Added CCUS portion to conference, ITC is participating
        2. Sarah & Mark are attending
        3. First MOU meeting happening the day before, Kipp Coddington will attend MOU meeting as well, Saskatchewan leading the effort
        4. XPRIZE is hosting a few events
        5. This is a business development opportunity but also a collaboration opportunity
      5. Legislative luncheon on Feb. 27
        1. We hosted two sessions, one for House and one for Senate
        2. Great dialogue, engaged Legislators
      6. March 27 press tour
        1. EPA is having Clean Power Plan listening session in Gillette, third and final session
        2. WMA and coal companies looking at rally, Ken will provide comments on behalf of WIA
        3. NRECA reached out about doing a press event at ITC, bring US delegation out
          1. NRECA taking lead on introduction letter from partners to invite delegation and Governor Mead to speak
    • April conference update – Sarah
      1. Schedule was sent out
      2. Working on outreach: participants and sponsors and partners, targeted eblasts going out, LinkedIn promotion
      3. Wednesday afternoon Board meeting in Laramie
  • New Business
    • Accounting manager – Jason
      1. Sent description to Board
      2. Mark – BOD doesn’t need to make motion
      3. Jason – timeline: posting fairly quickly, end date May 1, someone on board by June 30 to help pulling audit information together
    • EPW bill – Jason
      1. Carbon Innovation Bill
    • Records Request
      1. Received records request last weekend, Masterson is reviewing
    • Legislative update – Sarah
      1. Two WIA additions
        1. Oil & Gas Production Tax Study – $200,000 to complete – Due November 1, 2018
        2. Governor’s Energy Strategy – No Appropriation, in Budget Bill it’s a 2 year extension – Update Report Due October 31, 2018, Updated Strategy Due November 1, 2019
      2. Generally, there were 13 energy-related bills that started out in the House and the Senate. Only two are set to make it to the Governor’s desk. One is related to utilities and qualifying facilities and the other is related to the formation of joint powers boards.
  • Public Comment Opportunity
  • Adjournment
    • Dave Moves
    • Ken Moves
    • Adjournment