February 2018 WIA Board Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes

February 9, 2018


7:00 a.m.

  • Roll-call, Establish Quorum
    • Board Members: Mark Stege, Mike Easley, Ken Miller, Dave Sparks
    • WIA Staff: Jason Begger, Sarah Young
  • Approve Agenda
    • Dave moves
    • Ken seconds
    • Agenda Approved
  • Approve Minutes from January 2018 Board Meeting
    • Mike moves
    • Dave seconds
    • Minutes Approved
  • Financial Report – Jason Begger
    • $358K WIA operating funds & no major expenditures planned, ITC has $1.3M in the account
    • Overall, financials are in good shape
    • Ken Moves
    • Mike Seconds
    • Financial Report Approved
  • Old Business
    • ITC– Jason
      1. Construction
        1. Construction is 99.5% complete, will be small items to complete once projects are determined
      2. JCOAL
        1. Group traveling to Japan second week of March, Will will provide information on permitting requirements
        2. Jason will circulate JCOAL overview to Board
      3. XPRIZE timeline
        1. Finalists will be chosen internally by end of the month
        2. Announcement will be in NYC at Bloomberg event April 9
        3. Team Summit in Banff, Canada the third week of May
        4. Aiming to do team walk-through in Gillette in June, pair with ribbon cutting
      4. Legislative luncheon on Feb. 27
        1. Center for Carbon Removal will present along with Jason, American Jobs Project staff will be in town for meetings and are invited to attend
    • Policies and Procedures – Jason
      1. Approval of policies & procedures as presented
      2. Approved
    • April conference update – Sarah
      1. Thursday, April 5
      2. Panels coming together
      3. WBR May 22-23 – Sarah will send dates to Board
  • New Business
    • ITC Business Development trip schedule – Jason
      1. Will has been submitting abstracts to CCUS technical conferences to promote ITC
      2. List of major conferences identified by Will, DOE, Don – not included is the NRECA annual meeting at end of Feb that ITC will be represented at
      3. October conference is when ITC will make pitch to join International Carbon Capture Network
      4. Jason will provide a monthly update on these activities to the Board
    • EPW bill – Jason
      1. Carbon Innovation Bill – introduction may get pushed to next week, but EPW wants Jason to testify when bill gets introduced to committee
    • Legislative updated – Sarah
      1. Budget Session starts on Monday, will run 20 days
      2. There are a handful of energy bills we’ll be monitoring
      3. Session moves fast, we’ll know it about a week which bills will be moving forward
      4. Only bill WIA is mentioned in is SF14 – Biennial energy strategy
  • Public Comment Opportunity
    • No members of the public present
  • Adjournment
    • Meeting is adjourned