January 2018 WIA Board Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes

January 5, 2018


7:00 a.m.

  • Roll-call, Establish Quorum
    • Board Members: Mark Stege, Dave Sparks, Ken Miller
    • WIA Staff: Jason Begger, Sarah Young, Felicia De’Lara
  • Approve Agenda
    • Ken Moves, Dave Seconds
    • Agenda Approved
  • Approve Minutes from December 2017 Board Meeting
    • Dave Moves, Ken Seconds
    • Meeting Minutes Approved
  • Financial Report – Don Collins
    • We don’t have December financials since we are a week earlier in the month
  • Old Business
    • ITC– Jason
      1. Construction is basically done, wrapping up odds and ends
      2. Accounting
        1. Jeremiah liked the idea of an accountant being brought on board
      3. JCOAL
        1. Conversations are continuing
      4. Finance update
        1. Through December 2017, we have been billed $10.5 million
      5. Washington, DC
        1. Two weeks, meetings set up with Assistant Secretary of Fossil Energy and head Climate Advisor and Domestic Energy Advisor and discuss ITC
    • JAC hearing – Jason
      1. Hearing was held in December
      2. JAC is paying more attention to small details in budgets
    • March conference – Sarah
      1. March 29 and 30 are available in Laramie
        1. Move ahead with dinner the 28 and full day only on March 29
        2. Available for Mark, Ken
      2. Looking at 2018 trends – Regionalization/RTO discussions, wind development, possible XPRIZE teams
  • New Business
    • Strategic Plan review – Jason
      1. As part of our rules, we’ve said we do a mid-year review and see where we are at
      2. Looks good, on track
      3. Carve out a few hours for the Board to meet on Wed, March 28 before the sponsor dinner
    • Policies and Procedures – Jason
      1. Need official Board approval to move forward
      2. Public Records Request and Document Retention Policy are unchanged from 2016
      3. Amendments revolve around audit findings, cleaning up language and formal processes
      4. Added Collateralization of Assets & Journal Entries and Adjustments into policies
      5. Adjusting travel policy for Executive Director
      6. Board wants more time to review specific changes
    • ITC legislative luncheon on Feb. 27
    • Accounting Position Job Description circulated to Board, feedback requested
  • Public Comment Opportunity
  • Adjournment
    • Ken moves, Dave seconds
    • Meeting Adjourned