June 2018 WIA Board Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes

June 8, 2018


7:00 a.m.

  • Roll-call, Establish Quorum
    • Board Members: Mark Stege, Dave Sparks, Ken Miller, Mike Easley
    • WIA Staff: Jason Begger, Sarah Young, Felicia Delara
  • Approve Agenda
    • Ken Moves
    • Mike Seconds
    • Agenda Approved
  • Approve Minutes
    • Ken Moves
    • Dave Seconds
    • Minutes Approved
  • Financial Report – Don Collins
  • Old Business
    • ITC
      1. Dedication Event
        1. Dedication events went really well
        2. Wide range of media coverage of event
      2. XPRIZE orientation
        1. Happened concurrently with ITC dedication, teams were in Gillette for three days
        2. Met with DEQ, different vendors in Gillette
        3. Some interest from teams to have local construction
        4. Dealing with immigration and power consumption going forward
      3. NCCC partnership
        1. Announced on May 31 and went into effect on June 1
        2. 2 year partnership
        3. Have a tradeshow in the fall, will see how we can be involved
      4. JCOAL/KHI
        1. Were in town around ITC dedication, did tours and meetings in Gillette
        2. Will spend next few years on design, construction, getting onsite
    • Legislative update
      1. Energy Strategy proposal
        1. Jason testified in front of Minerals committee in Gillette on May 31
      2. Oil and Gas study
        1. RFP closed May 18, received 7 proposals
        2. One firm was chosen, waiting on contract from John Masterson
      3. CCUS/Authority merger
        1. Updates from WIA, WPA, EORI, Governor’s Office, and UW NREX
        2. Legislature didn’t take immediate action
    • Accounting manager
      1. The person who was made an offer accepted another job
      2. Will continue to look to fill the position
      3. Have a former MHP employee on contract to help with books through the summer
  • New Business
    • Fall conference
      1. October 4-5
      2. Laramie County Community College, ANB Leadership Center
    • Legislative PRB Tour
      1. July 9-11
      2. ITC and Coal Mine Tours
      3. Legislators from 5 states, including Wyoming
  • Public Comment Opportunity
  • Adjournment
    • Ken moves
    • Dave seconds
    • Adjourned