CCUS & Other Advanced Fuel Technology Projects

Carbon Capture

Carbon capture technology has the possibility to change the way in which we use fossil fuels.

Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage (CCUS) refers to the process in which carbon is captured from industrial processes and either utilized by turning the carbon into a new product; or stored by injecting the carbon into a storage site, usually underground in a geological formation. Researchers around the world have been able to demonstrate success with both methods.

Wyoming is committed to advancing the carbon economy and finding new uses for Wyoming coal.  WIA actively works with researchers, public and private sector entities, stakeholders, and the international community to help find solutions and move carbon capture technology forward.

The Wyoming Integrated Test Center is a public-private partnership that will provide space for researchers to test CCUS technologies using 20 MW of actual coal based flue gas. Along with testing capture technologies, additional research will look at taking flue gas and turning it into a marketable commodity. The ITC is located at the basin Electric’s Dry Fork Station in Gillette, Wyoming. The project is managed by the Wyoming Infrastructure Authority.


Wyoming Integrated Test Center