Coal Export Activity of Interest to Wyoming

Coal Export

Wyoming is home to more than 1.4 trillion tons of coal resources, currently, provides coal to over 30 states, and is the largest coal producer in the country. With a low sulfur and mercury content, Wyoming coal is in high demand. In 2014, coal contributed more than $1 Billion in taxes to Wyoming.

The U.S. currently exports approximately 125 million tons annually. Virtually all of the current capacity is being utilized; however, there are projects under development which would expand coal export capacity.

In 2013, Wyoming‘s exports to foreign markets were equal to less than 1% of the State’s total production. During the 2014 Wyoming Legislative session, a bill was introduced and enacted that expanded the purview of WIA to include coal exports to foreign markets. Since then, WIA has been actively exploring, engaging, and promoting opportunities to export Wyoming’s coal. This has included tours to terminal facilities, commissioning studies on the life-cycle of Powder River Basin coal, and increasing stakeholder awareness with presentations at internal and external events.

Proposed Export Facilities under Development