Power Transmission & Generation Projects


Wyoming is America’s energy leader. We are:

  • #1 in Coal; Bentonite; Trona; and Uranium
  • #2 in Rare Earth minerals
  • #4 in Natural Gas
  • #8 in Crude Oil
  • #15 in Wind generation

There are generation projects throughout the state in different stages of development. Wyoming ranks first for class 6 and 7 wind sites. Classes 6 and 7 are the highest site rankings for potential wind speed and power generation.

WIA works with developers, owners, and builders to support generation projects in Wyoming.

Ongoing Projects:

Generation Resources


Transmission is the critical link between generation facilities and customer markets. WIA’s original mandate was to expand transmission capacity to provide avenues to ship Wyoming electricity to markets. Over the past 12 years, WIA has supported generation developers, advocated for transmission projects within and outside Wyoming, monitored and tracked projects in the region and commissioned studies on the positive impact Wyoming wind can have.

Ongoing Transmission Projects

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