September 2018 WIA Board Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes

September 14, 2018


7:00 a.m.

  • Roll-call, Establish Quorum
    • Board Members: Mark Stege, Dave Sparks, Ken Miller, Don Collins, and Mike Easley
    • WIA Staff: Jason Begger, Sarah Young, Jami Blosmo, Briana Long
  • Approve Agenda
    • Jason: Add Financial Report before Old Business
    • Dave Moves
    • Don Seconds
  • Approve Minutes
    • Approved
  • Financial Report
    • Need to reclassify a few items (ex: WEDA sponsorship)
    • ITC funds: Audit firm did thorough check last year, now reviewing to ensure they are correct
    • Want to keep financial records on an accrual basis
    • Don Moves, Mike Seconds, Financial Report Approved
  • Old Business
    • ITC
      1. XPRIZE
        • Draft lease comments back from XPRIZE, Masterson is working on a response back
        • Hopefully the lease will be signed quickly, have had some teams out in Wyoming and looking for specifics on move-in information
        • Will extend lease through 2019
      2. JCOAL/KHI
        • Came out to Wyoming again in August, visited Gillette, Laramie and Denver
        • UW will do testing on KHI sorbents
        • Their big deadline – Feb 1 2019 – they need to have feasibility studies, cost estimates, etc into their government (fiscal year starts April 1)
      3. TDA
        • Research firm in Wheat Ridge, CO with a skid mounted system and are looking for a spot to come in and test fairly quickly
        • We are working with them to see if can squeeze them in on the schedule – probably the new 6th bay
      4. Administration transition
        • New Governor in January and currently written that ITC is under the Governor’s Office
        • Sent out letters to all statewide candidates to either tour ITC or come into office and talk with Jason about project
    • Legislative update
      1. Energy Authority
        • Minerals committee met in Laramie in August and discussed Energy Authority concept
        • Subcommittee with Senators von Flatern and Rothfuss and Rep Crank to look at what updates the bill needs before the next meeting in December
      2. Oil and Gas study
        • Consulting firm will have draft to WIA by the end of Sept, will review and have final draft ready by the deadline
    • Fall conference
      1. Energy strategy
        • This year the interim report is due in October, final report is due October 2019, legislative leadership wants us to focus on substance and process versus policy document
        • Need to have process on how to fill it out and get it done and then how do you execute and make it a reality
        • Sarah & Jason will participate in Board Only Call later in the month to present questions and methods to Board before the meeting in October
    • Maternity policy
      1. Jason made changes suggested from last meeting
      2. Have John Masterson review before Board approval
  • Moved: Executive Session
    • Mike Moves Approve Compensation as Presented
    • Don Seconds
    • Approved
  • New Business
    • Audit update
      1. Will meet 10/31 deadline
    • Export terminal locations
      1. Using federal locations to increase export capacity for coal exports
      2. Briana is looking at West Coast for BRACA sites to see if there are possibilities there
    • Social Media update
    • Don – NCTA tour in Gillette/ITC in Oct
      1. This will be part of a Dry Fork tour, Ray will be the lead for that day
    • Ken – writing up notes from NCTA conference, will share with Board
  • Public Comment Opportunity
    • No members of the public present
  • Adjournment
    • Meeting adjourned